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Nakajima Ki84 Type 4 Fighter, Hayate (Frank)

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Okay....like I said, OOB....so not Big Eduard. there is  a PE fret that comes with the kit...so that's what will be used.
Anyway. finally started. I believe that I located all the parts that needed "Cockpit Color (Nakajima)" and painted them this evening. nothing fancy, but it's a start, and my first start in at least a year.



I must say, from what I can see, nice detail right out of the box.




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I don't want to be a "stick in the mud" but did you notice the small writing on those bottles of paint.




The two colors you bought are for A6M's.  The Nakajima IJNAF color would be specific to the A6M while the Mitsubishi color would also be used on the J2M series fighters.  I'm sure you're aware that the Ki-84 is an IJAAF aircraft.  Existing research indicates that the interior color of the Ki-84 could have been one of three likely possibliities based on when it was manufactured.  I don't have access to my Mikesh book on Japanese Interiors but I believe he  is indecisive on the coloration.  According to what I've read at j-aircraft.com, the preproduction sample cockpits were most likely Aotake while the mid production aircraft had a dark green similar to the exterior green color and the last batches of Ki-84 were sent into combat with unpainted cockpits (natural metal).  I've posted my source information taken from j-aircraft.com in case you're interested.  If not, continue as is without any further input from me but never trust Hasegawa paint callouts with 100% certainty unless you know they're right (i.e. black).  :punk:


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When i built mine I went with a natural metal cockpit. I also used some components that were painted green to simulate war time shortages and possible use of spare parts from painted aircraft.

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