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Messerschmitt Bf 109G-2 Trop (Revell)

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So encouraged by all of this old plastic, I better share this project that I have been working on and off, for around a year now.

This project started out as a training project, to learn some new skills and to try out others.


I know it doesn't comply completely to the rules of this GB but I think it belong here anyways.



The subject is this 'fossil' from the seventies...




As with the Hasegawa Komet, this was also build then, taken apart and stripped from paint.


Now, I do not have photos from the beginning of the build, since it wasn't supposed to made public.


But after some scratchbuilding and rescribing of the panellines, it began to look like it maybe would be useable sometime in the future...


So I decided to go for a G-2 Trop and went out and got some aftermarket parts...




First Aires G-2 cockpit resin set.




Quickboost tropical filter, exhaust, mashine guns and stabilizer...




This is the first shot after completing the cockpit build. Yes I know the paintwork is'nt clean and crisp but its my first resin cockpit and I'm on a learning curve...

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Well Kevin you might want to reconsider that :rolleyes:  At this time I'm allmost finished with the airbrush work.

I expect to have some photos by the end of this weekend. But I'm using this group build to put pressure

to my self to finally get this build done, before moving on with other builds...


Your welcome to use the box art image.


Regards: Kent

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I like the heck out of that.  You are amazingly talented.  Not to be picky, but no yellow on the oil cooler pan?


I'm painting the Bf109F-4 found in my signature and I sure hope it even comes close to what you've done.


You do wonderful work, Kent.



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The yellow nose yes, that's the question. I'm not an expert on german planes, but I do not think Me 109's of all the jagdgeschwaders in north africa had a yellow nose, only the ones of Jagdgeschwader 27? There's also Jagdgeschwader 3, 4 & 77?




The G-2 in Berlin Gatow museum...


But maybe someone out there knows this?



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