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jack's JACK is Done...what color is that spinner?

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Thanks Everyone, and I hope it will be worth your time to look in.

Pulled her out and started cleaning things up.

I wasn't aware that Japanese pilots stood up while flying

Love the complicated cockpit, If I stay with Revell I could keep up

with John B....hahahaha!. Obligatory start shot and onwards8K4ljIw.jpgqzOwE4b.jpg

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Having no references for the Jack, I took to the NET. Surprised of the cockpit color I found a pic with the IP in a  different shade of green.

The shelf with the radio behind the pilot appears to be Blue clear over silver. Still not sure how I'm going to do the exterior, Japanese. US.Brit.

or custom colors.....racing plane?.......Since I'm building OOB I will probably go military and maybe do a SALT mask. I know this aircraft was not

overly used at the end of the war. I figure I had maybe 3 or 4 pictures in various library books for reference in 1971-72 Black/White. Would usually

use the kit  color callouts if nothing else. hKX0scn.jpgBL2C8V0.jpgb2UBkqy.jpg

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Thank You Sir.   I'm building this also for my club contest in march in the Out of box catagory

                           I can't change the pilot if I enter and since the seat is short molded, I need him.


                           I have quit a few Revell OLDIES with almost the same pilot and will probably build

                           them OOB also. These are the kits I cut my 32 scale teeth on so I'm ok with it




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