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Another WnW kit finished - DFW C.V. late

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Very nice one! Also an interesting finish. Not the common Lozenge or multicolor camo, but a very elegant, "airlinerlike" look :speak_cool:




BTW, a thing I noticed with a good number of WW1 builds here around is the nonalignment of some turnbuckles with the line of the rigging wire. It's not about your build here, it is common to WW1 model rigging in general. Note to myself: Keep that in mind when you try to rig your own airplanes :hmmm:



- dutik

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Peter, very very beautiful build, i myself am certainly no WW1 builder, but i can appreciate a well built biplane with all the rigging and such, so your's no exception.

And as said by others, the paint job is very realistic!!



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And so my day begins.


Wake up, shower make coffee. 


Click on Works in Progress and RFI threads. 




I sit looking in wonderment, gaining inspiration.


Martin shows up at some point with a perfect photo of whatever subject, just to make me wonder "How the....?"


Then I can begin modeling.


There was this drummer, Joe Morello. I always wanted to study with Joe. Too late now. But there are many Joe Morello's here.


BTW, for a drummer to compare anyone's work to Joe is the absolute highest compliment possible.


Great work. Astounding subject. It's like Joe's solo on Take Five.


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