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I've always heard and seen the waist gunner positions on the B-17 being staggered, but this picture appears to show otherwise ::


Here's the article where the photo resides. It's 10th pic in the gallery ::


Understandably there are ton of variants but could this pic be from a different kind of bomber altogether? The belly gunner makes me believe it's still a 17 but I'm no expert. Were there any other bombers that had a belly turret like this? If it is a 17, why aren't waist gunners staggered?



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The reason is simple. The waist gun locations were not staggered until somebody realized this configuration prevented both gunners to fire simulteanously without disturbing each other while fighthing. Just have a look at Jari pictures and you will immediately understand. The conclusion was simple: separate them and this led to the need to move one waist station. This explains that.





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