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1/32 Revell Focke Wulf Fw190 F-8 White 48

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Wow Andy, that's looking great!   Mine's going to be all buttoned up :)


Thanks Jennings, Interested to see how you go on closing all those panels up as seems like lots of room for fit issue's!!


Regards. Andy

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Time to get all of the "open" panels ready for paint, the Eduard cowl panels are just superb, very nicely detailed and super thin as well as some thoughtful engineering as removing the casting blocks was a breeze.




The Brassin undercarriage is pretty good, very clean cast brass legs with little clean up needed. Fit of parts is perfect also.




The inner engine cowl ring is exquisite, lovely detail and superbly cast.




The outer ring is a little disapointing as Eduard has cast it with the covers over the bolt holes, "White 48" like many other 190's had these removed so I need to add this detail once I can find a close up of this area of the engine cowl.


Thanks for checking by.


Regards. Andy

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After really no meanigful bench time in the last few weeks and with the airframe all but complete except for some final primer it was time to tackle the bit that has really been holding me back on this build! For me the Eduard engine is amazing but quite intimidating and even though I started work on it last December it just bored the crap out of me for some reason and its the main reason the build has took so long!!


So knowing I couldnt put it off any further I cracked on today and in the end when I got into it things went really well and I quite enjoyed the build, Can I say though that the Eduard Brassin stuff is just a joy to work with in every way.






All of the basic Eduard sub assemblies complete.




And couldnt resist a dry fit of all of the sub assemblies together.










Hope it all fits the Revell 190 when its time but at the moment looking foward to painting this thing.


My other Love/Hate thing with this build has been the HGW control surface detail, the "Wet Transfer" stuff from HGW seems quite hit and miss and it took me three goes to get a full set of flaps I was happy with.




Eventually I found using the Microset system worked just brilliantly as well as when it was time to remove the carrier film you must pull with tweezers basically at 180 degress to the transfer and very, very slowly for things to remain down and not lift.


All in all I am very happy after basically no modelling tome for weeks and now my annoying issue's etc done and sorted!!


Thanks for checking by, Regards. Andy

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Looking really nice Andy      :thumbsup:



Great update, that radial looks sweet, nice and crisp casting too.






What a fantastic-looking engine!





That is one damn nice-looking engine.  The fidelity of detail is remarkable. 








Looking great, and thanks for the heads-up about the HGW wet transfers.


Cheers, Tom


Thank you for your comments guys and as you all mentioned, the quality and detail of the Eduard engine is super impressive, managed to get some primer on the main sub-assemblies today and looke even better under a coat of paint.








Also added the control surfaces today after finishing the textured surface decalling.




and undr a coat of primer.




Really, really happy with the subtle fabric texture the HGW decals give and a massive improvement over the rudementary kit detail.




So finally with a complete airframe ready for paint its time to try and replicate White 48's colour scheme.


Regards. Andy

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