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Hasegawa Messerschmitt Me 163B

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An update on the build...




Fuselage assembled, with the cockpit in place...




Painting started with some preshading...



I plan to do some chipping of the RLM 76 paint, to simulate the worn surface of a well used test/prototype plane...

This photo shows some wear and repairs to the surface. 







Different shades of Alclad added to provide an undercoat for the chipping/wear...



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Nice work K  :thumbsup: (remember that the wings were made of wood!). These aircraft were generally kept in reasonably tidy condition, as they did not want any surface defects to affect their performance. You can see where any local areas of surface finish damage or retification has been carefully resprayed and touched in with with red oxide paint.





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Just a little update on the Komet build. 


I have been spending some time into the research on the primer used on the Komets.

I think i will paint the wings and control surfaces with a primer color, just to experiment if I can get some subtle nuance changes after the final coat of light gray/blue...




Here's a shot showing the redbrown primer on the wooden wings...






Photos of, what seems to be laminated wooden wings...


BTW - Today I received decals for the build. I was searching for the Rocketeer sheet, with the letters for the prototypes and was lucky to get my hands on them!!!



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Finished the Komet today...




More photos of the finished build in 'Ready for Inspection'...




Awesome! Well done, Kent - and fast, too! Looks amazing.


Can you post the finished photos here? Finished GB entries go into their own gallery, which eventually goes on to the website too, so we generally discourage posting them in RFI.



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