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Zoukei Mura A-1J Skyraider USAF


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Hi guys,

this was my summer project originaly planned for 2 months, but it took me more than 4 months to finish it.

you can find WIP thread here


kit:    ZM A-1J + ZM weapon set 2

AM:  Aires cockpit

        Videoaviation Wheel Chocks USAF

        Videoaviation MJ-1 bomb loader (early)

        Videoaviation Fire extinguisher

        HGW RBF stripes


Overall nice build with no major fit issues.

Painted with Mr. Paint and GSI C colors. Weathered with AMMO stuff (different panel line wash, some filters, streaking grime, fresh engine oil, black and airfield dust pigments).

Seatbelts made from HGW material, antenna from EZ line .

I have decided to finish it as airframe number 142058 (1972 configuration), because I just wanted to depict A-1J, with which Mr. Hukee flew at least once.


I´m quite happy with results although I made several errors, the most visible are insignias which should not be at this particular airframe.


Definitely l like USAF Spads with SEA camuflage, my favourite looks of A-1.


thanks for looking, hope you like it










thanks for looking



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Really fantastic build, Jan! Most impressive. I love the simple base, too. Tres effective! May I publish it on the website?



thanks a lot Kevin, realy appreciate

and sure you can publish it, I would be honored


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Jan, that is a simply stunning build! the weathering is some of the best I have ever seen, incredible realism. Love the oil stains on the centerline tank, haven't ever seen that done like that before.





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Really nice build! I have a opportunity to purchase this kit for a really good price. I'm teetering on rather to buy it or not because it's not a WWII but it is a prop and it is huge. But looking at this build I'm beginning to lean towards purchasing the kit!

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