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1/32 George Preddy P-51d Mustang

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Here is my newest build, This is the fantastic Tamiya P-51 mustang using eagle-editions decals. I added a few extra items to the build such as the battery wiring behind the seat, hgw seatbelts, barracuda cockpit decals and adding a little plumbing for the drop tanks. My mustang was painted using alclad dura-aluminum for the wings, aluminum for the airframe and contral surfaces and dark aluminum in a few other spots, the black and white invasion strips were by Mr Paint and, the blue nose is from Mr Paint su-27 dark blue. I added some weathering to it using a flory wash, and then tamiya pastels for the exhause stain and gun ports, then the blue was given a semi-matt finsih. i hope u guys like my build here, questions and comments are welcome



















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Guest Peterpools


One beautiful Mustang.  Terrific work on the 'stang and the NMF looks ; so good.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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Fantastic build ! ...If the P-51 isn't the best looking fighter of the period, I must be blind. Your build really illustrates that well.



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