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New EagleCals ~ Me 262 B-1a/U1 Nightfighters of NJG 11

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Guest Vulcan32

Red 8 looks totally different on AIMS decals, Pastor John says, that he used his own photos for the profile, what are your sources?



Cheers, Heinz

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There are a number of sources used in the creation of this decal sheet.


First, let me say that this decal sheet is the culmination of weeks of intense study, We used photos in Jerry's collection, numerous books and the internet to reach our conclusions. Red 8, as I am sure you are aware, still exists today, though repainted. However, before that jet was repainted, detailed notes were taken of the original paint scheme. Those notes indicated that the upper surface cowlings were green prior to the repaint. We based our conclusions on those notes, and the fact that the upper nacelles are green on the existing Red 8.


Unfortunately, the few remaining photos that exist of Red 8 don't provide great details as to the nacelle colors. 


In fact, the instruction sheet starts out by stating "Available references provide all kinds of variations in schemes for the same aircraft. More than ever, modelers should consult their own references to draw conclusions".


So, I am not going to say the AIM sheet is incorrect. That is their conclusion, to which EE respects and understands how that can be made. At the end of the day, the modeler is free to choose how they wish to paint their model. EE provides our best educated guess, which the modeler can agree or not. That is why the study of late German aircraft is so fascinating!


Mark Proulx

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Hi! I'm interested in this decal set. Your decals are the best quality decals I've ever used. Anyhow,  I was just wondering if the set includes decals for the original German markings of Me 262b-1a W.Nr.110306? For example, is there a decal for the red 6? 







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Jumping back to Red 8 and looking at the instruction sheets, were the upper wing surfaces a solid color? or would they have been a splinter pattern? (sorry if I missed this elsewhere)

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