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Flgvapnet J 33 (Matchbox 1/32 Sea Venom)

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Finally managed to find and drag this from the attic:






On closer examination, it appears that I may have approximately 1.5 kits in the box! The original kit was hacked about in an attempt to super detail it back in the 80's, but looking at it now I feel dissatisfied with my efforts, so ripped out all of the work about 20 years ago and stuffed it back into the box and the attic until now.


I appear to have inherited another Sea Venom, which appears to be the later Revell boxing, however, it is incomplete (just a basic airframe). I fear that I do not have enough components to produce even one full venom kit, so i will have to see how this one goes? (there are not even enough parts for me to make a second kit - no engine, undercarriage or cockpit details as a basic minimum).


If I have sufficient parts, I will attempt to complete the J 33 using a combination of Matchbox and Revell parts (the basic airframe being Revell), and what I would have liked to have done with my original chopped-up Matchbox airframe is to convert it into a J 28B (Flygvapnet Vampire N.F.50).













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That's a lot of Venom parts, Derek! That kit still gives me nightmares. It's very unlikely to ever be redone by anybody, so I fear this old clunker is all we'll ever have. Good luck with it, Derek!




Thanks Kev - I shall see how this pans out, but I will certainly not turn down a cheap Revel kit if one turns up in the meantime!





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Please do the J28 if you ever get the parts for it, that would be awesome!



Hi Stoffe,


I have a mish-mash of parts from two kits at present, with a photocopy of the Revell instructions as a guide. I went through all of the individual parts last night to see if I could sort enough of them to begin or not. 


By mixing new parts with already started/cannibilised parts, I have found that I have enough parts to make a complete N.F.3 as per the instructions (which will, of course, be a J 33 in my case). However, I have insufficient parts to make a J 28B, so that will unforttunately have to wait until I can obtain another full kit (even though I would have liked to have produced both in parallel).



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