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R Palimaka

1/24 Airfix Mustang, RCAF "Tactical Fighter Mk. IV", post-war

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Well, Capcon 2017 didn't happen for me, and now I'm staring at the calendar and the end of November is getting closer. I got myself involved in another stage show, so that will take up almost all of my time until October 21st...then I'll get serious. I did manage to get a few things done on the cockpit so I'll post photos of that shortly. There is slow progress on some of the other components so that I should be able to start assembling wings and fuselage soon.


I'm having too much fun with the Waldron throttle quadrant. It looks amazing, and I thought that if one had skills in metalwork you might actually be able to build it so that it worked. It ended up having more parts than some of the 1/72 kits I've built!



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OK, back to work. The port side is pretty much done, placards and decals are in place. The throttle is finished and it was a small model in itself, ten parts in total. Once the instrument panel is in place there will be some wiring and finishing under the instrument shroud. And then I promise to move on to other parts of the model. :-)


The throttle by itself:




The port side of the cockpit all dressed up:



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Thanks Kevin! And here is some more progress...


This is the Airscale instrument panel, painted and assembled. I've also added some Waldron and Eduard placards. The next step is some drilling to install switches from short lengths of wire,  and a couple of switch covers plus the T-handle for the brakes. The one Waldron placard panel needs to be toned down a bit, but will look better once the switches and control knobs are added. I think it looks pretty convincing, especially compared to the kit panel. Thanks Peter and Airscale, what a spectacular difference!!




And the control box and panel below the instrument panel. It's a combination of the Airscale and Waldron. Again, it will need some switches and knobs added, another T-handle for the clam-shell door release, and a bit of matte spray to tone it down. I left it on the photo-etch sprue to make it easier to work with.



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