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Beaufighter 252 Squadron 1942

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Guest Peterpools


Brilliant progress . beautiful work

Keep 'em coming


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Now to the part I've been dreading... the exhaust system. My AM engines came with cast collector rings (upper left in photo).




The length of the exhaust system is a royal pain to measure; I'm inclined to build in a little adjustment. This will require drilling hole for the exhaust runners in the collector rings. Fourteen holes in each ring means a little measurement, a little math, and my precision drill press. I produced this jig.




It's got a slight taper on the underside.




I used this to make marks for drilling on the rings.




Next step is to make a fixture to drill at angles...


In the mean time, I've begun to bend brass rod...



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Patience, my friend...




Bill, that's one great looking Beaufighter! Can't wait for the finished product! Been fun watching this!





Bill's on a mission to make everyone look bad. :)


I waited another month.


This is like the best TV show, but there's just one episode per month. :)

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