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New releases from Oldmodels Decals

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New from Oldmodels Decals:


RNZAF Avengers in 1/32:

NZ Theatre 1943-45

Pacific Theatre 1943-45

Post War 1945-59


RNZAF Corsairs in 1/32

Pacific theatre 1943-45 - Bougainville area

Pacific theatre 1943-45 - other than Bougainville

NZ theatre 1943-45

Japan 1946-48


NZ based war bird Corsair current scheme - USN 92844 - in 1/32



RNZAF Iroquois 1979 low viz - corrected and reworked - 1/24, 32, 35

RNZAF Iroquois Euro1 - updated - 1/24, 32, 35

RNZAF CT4Bs (both schemes) and CT4Es - corrected and updated - 1/16


all available through my website www.oldmodelsdecals.com




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Go the website and check the pic of the decal sheet out.


Please note I don't profile a tiny number of individual aircraft like many decal makers do.  


Instead I provide a range of options in the decal sheet to allow any aircraft of the type and period covered to be made - the vast majority did not have special markings or other adornments. This is for the majority of builders who are often trying to make the aircraft a relative flew.  


Having said that most of the Corsair and some of the Avenger sets have some individual markings that can be verified to particular aircraft - the cross reference is provided in the instruction sheets - and no I am not posting copies of the instruction sheets (way too big).



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