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New kit ! 1:32 Reggiane 2000

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We are proud to present a continuation of our 1/32 scale product line - the Reggiane Re.2000 in Swedish, Hungarian and Italian markings. The kit is our response to modellers' request for filling a market gap and manufacturing "the other Re.2000 version", very well known for its famous Heja and J20 variants.


The kit includes:

- resin parts

- film elements

- photo-etched elements

- color instruction

- different interiior and exterior elements for different variants

- decals sheet including 3 marking options

• Swedih Flygvapnet J 20 "45" s/n 2355 from 3. division, Gotland, September 1944

• Magyar Királyi Honvéd Légierő Reggiane Re.2000 Héja, V.421, 1/1 vadászszázad, flown by 1st Lieutnant István Horthy, Ilovskoye, August 1942

• Regia Aeronautica Reggiane Re.2000 “74†from Sezione Sperimentale of 74a Squadriglia, 230 Gruppo Autonomo CT, Comiso, May 1941



The kit will become available early March 2018 but you can place pre-order via your favorite distributor or directly via our website or by writing us at silverwings@silverwings.pl now.



The Silver Wings Team









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A quick glance at the content of our new Reggiane Re.2000 Heja / J20 in Hungarian, Swedish and Italian schemes.

You can place your order via Silver Wings website (www.silverwings.pl).

The kit is available for purchase with a guaranteed shipping within 3 days upon purchase.


More photos available here: http://www.silverwings.pl/reggiane-re2000-intercettore-hej.html











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