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Let's get to know each other a little better. Show a photo of your

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Thanks Iain! Just getting a little paranoid!



Found another picture in my PC, this is one of the last few Architectural models I built, A small scale one, the guys in this picture are nearly all 25 years plus experience, the buildings are a mixture of sawn cut wooden blocks and Laser cut wooden overlays, nearly everyone is fully CAD 2D and some 3D proficient as well as hand  scratchbuilding skills but fast at it as well. No screaming for a kit to make things here.



45058134245_bf37ba1a07_k.jpgIMG_0409 by Graham French, on Flickr


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My name is Mikheil (Misha) rochikashvili

from tbilisi, georgia

33009079898_ce9871a353_h.jpg20180303_133345 by mikheil Rochikashvili, on Flickr

46159460944_0d67ac02c7_h.jpg13349 by mikheil Rochikashvili, on Flickr

I make architectural models last 5 years besides my main work. thats why have no time for bench

46884414161_99d873366e_h.jpg20190109_075609 by mikheil Rochikashvili, on Flickr

me and my wife 

39919546723_9c11151ba6_h.jpg20190105_131148 by mikheil Rochikashvili, on Flickr

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Me in 2019... i'm learning to skydive, doing my AFF Level 1-8 and then A License allowing me to jump anywhere in the world..




And what I'm jumping from... I thought this might be a new aircraft for me, but D-ISCO is ex- HA-ACO which I jumped exactly 13 years ago to this month also! Not a bad thing, good to be reunited! :D



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