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Brian, if my memory serves me well, the Apache is carrying a Springfield rifled musket of Civil War vintage.


My brother had a .45-70 trapdoor Springfield, and it was quite the cannon, if I recall correctly. 

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The trap-door Springfield came much later. It was used by the US Army during the Indian Wars of 1870 in the Black Hills. It initially used copper cartridges which had the tendency to expand upon discharge and jam the breech.


Some blamed the weapon for Custer's defeat at Little Big Horn. One of the numerous myths surrounding the iconic battle.

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Posted (edited)

Greetings from Denmark. This years Danish Airshow was visited by my favorite airplane PBY-5A Catalina.




Me and my 'Girlfriend' 'Miss Pick Up'




My son and I with 'Miss Pick Up'




Ian Stewart from the 'Miss Pick Up' crew, a real Gentleman. He's on Instagram: misspickuppby5a

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