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Detailing kits for HKM B-17G

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I recently purchased a few kits; the HKM B-17G being my most eagerly anticipated build. Planning has unearthed quite a few detailing kits, so I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on the [detail] kits they've used for this particular kit.


Is there a lot of cross-over with the different manufacturers? In particular are Eduard Big Ed 3332 & Mk1's listed on Amazon? Any other suggestions are welcome.


Many thanks,





For anyone interested in this topic and to save you the hassle of scrolling and searching this thread...


G variant ::


AMS Engine Governors
Kits World Decals 
  • Technical Stencils — — kitsworld.co.uk/index.php?CATEGORY=3&SUB=1&THISPAGE=1&RADIOSORT=4&PICFILE=312&STKNR=312&STRH=3808&ORDN=2632&RNZ=394057
  • Landing Gear — 499,00 CZK — www.profimodeller.com/detail/p32160-al-main-gear-legs-b-17/
Master Details
Model Design Construction 
Air Master Series
HGW Models


*Ebay price, so hopefully it's in the ballpark.

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There is not a lot of crossover except from the two producers you mentioned. Besides them, you may also consider:


Resin2detail for corrected control yokes, seats, oxygen bottles, radio and antenna.


Master details for a better Norden gunsight, front and rear turret details and full oxygen system.


MDC for .50 ammo and belts as well as oxygen hoses.


Master for the .50 machine gun tubes (avoid the Profimodeller ones as some do not have the correct length).


Kits world decals for technical stencils


Profimodeller for metal landing gear legs ( but I do not consider this to be required if you use resin wheels as the plastic legs are quite sturdy)





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Many, many thanks Thierry! I wasn't aware some of these even existed.


BTW, I also ran across some engine kits from Brassin and Big Sin. Not sure how much overlap they might have or which is better, but the prices of all these extras are making me think I should consider a cheaper hobby, like a cocaine habit.


Seriously though, fantastic insight. Thanks again.

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I know, all this stuff is not cheap...


However, it is really interesting to look closely at the Eduard sets. I got all the resin ones, the Big Ed set 1 as well as the external set and LG set for half the retail price! So, look for discount here and there, it is a good way saving money. Big sin is just the packaging of all four Brassin engines in a single box.


Frankly, I am not convinced the resin engines are necessary except if you consider an engine maintenance set (I do) or want to save time. The kit engines are very nice even if a little bit tedious to assemble. However, if you use the kit ones, I recommend having also a look at the AMS engine governor small update set (http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/ams32097.htm) as well as the Eduard photoetched set to improve the cowl flaps that is useless if you get the resin engines. Last, if you get the internal sets, do not purchase the stencils/placards one as it is redundant.


The Mk 1 set is not bad but personally I preferred the Eduard option. The Resin2detail may not seem useful as the kit parts are nicely molded. However, when you see the differences in dimension, you are amazed...!





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Thanks for the heads up. My head is still spinning but you're helping slow it down by quite a bit.


Admittedly I purchased two G's in case I totally borked the first attempt. If I get through the first without destroying it, then maybe the second will become a torn down, gutted version so that all these details can be displayed properly. Personally speaking it's easy for me to want something in overkill-mode, it's another to actually build it. History will be my judge.


Oh, I read somewhere that the nose-cone on the G kit was incorrect ... is there a correction kit for this if that's the case?


Many thanks.

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Throwing my 2p in here, Im just underway building a B17 G and I spent quite some time detailing the cockpit and bomb bay areas only to find that when the fuselage is joined nothing can be seen. 


That said, the kit cleverly allows the top of the fuselage to be removable for display of the interior should you so wish. I had to permanntly secure the lid on mine so any interior detailing was effectively lost. 


Just a thought if your up against an expense issue. 

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If you open the kit doors, do not use bombs and put a small mirror under the kit, you can see part of the bomb bay if it is painted with aluminium paint. Does this means the full Eduard sets are required? I do not think so but as I got them in the Big ed set, I will use them.

Nonetheless, if you want to put the bombs, I think that detailing the bay is useless...


For the cockpit, the front part is visible. However, the lower part of the gun turret is more or less invisible as it is painted in bronze green and the yellow oxygen bottles attracts the sight. The upper part is a different thing. It is very visible. Unfortunately, no aftermarket set gives anything for it except resin .50. The nose bomber zone really deserves detailing. This is why if you really want to focus on the most visible items, I would recommend first the resin2details seats, new seat belts and the Master details Norden set. Adding oxygen hoses is also recommended.


For the external side, I would recommend first the Eduard external set and the Brassin wheels as well as the Master gun tubes. The Master detail cheap sets to correct the turrets are also recommended.


All other details will not be really visible.

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... I recently purchased a few kits; the HKM B-17G being my most eagerly anticipated build. Planning has unearthed quite a few detailing kits, so I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on the [detail] kits they've used for this particular kit ...


.... I spent quite some time detailing the cockpit and bomb bay areas only to find that when the fuselage is joined nothing can be seen ...



I couldn't agree more ... best philosophy with any AM is to limit purchases to what is going to be seen ...

I haven't gone anywhere near my 'G' yet ... It's sitting firmly on the stash shelf!!

BUT ... I did have a quick look into possible AM purchases when I first bought it.


Are you planning on putting it into any contests? If not ... The following might help you "moderate" your expenses.

The cockpit on a B-17 is viewed through the canopy (unlike most fighter aircraft, where the canopy is open while the aircraft is parked up - so you can get a good look at what is going on inside)

Although the canopy is large and clear (vision is not overly distorted) - it is framed ... personally I'm likely to go with Eduard coloured sticky IP's ... mainly because I can't be ar$ed fiddling around with decals and such.

The bombsight is a idea worth considering as it sits at the front of the perspex nose and can probably be quite easily seen ... for me - the jury is still out until I actually crack open the box and get going on the kit.

I grabbed some HK Models branded AM metal landing gear from Pacific Coast Models when the kit first came out. The only purpose was for the extra strength ... which Thierry points out, isn't really needed.

There was no extra detail ... neither was the detail any sharper. If you are going to go for metal AM landing gear ... make sure the detail is better than the plastic supplied in the kit - i.e. read the reviews first!

For me - metal gun barrels are pretty much a must on any kit (unless they are hidden away) ... the B-17 is called a Flying Fortress for good reason! ... There are some resin options which are better than the plastic - but I definitely prefer metal.

If I recall, the IM barrels supplied in the kit are not all the correct lengths (or are under-scale) ... make sure that any AM gear you buy isn't a direct copy off the kit items!


Unless you're standing the kit on a mirror (so you can view the bottom) or suspending the kit from above ... detailing the bomb bay would seem like a bit of a waste ...

I'd probably prefer the going down the route of a vehicle towing an ordinance trolley parked up next to, or in front of, the model.

Eduard make an "exterior" detail kit ... which includes flaps ... It looks extremely complex to my eye, but nets some fantastic looking results.

Again ... the jury is still out for me on that one ... it seems like overkill - especially for the price, but I won't know for myself until I start digging through the assemblies.


The engines ... Eduard Brassin (for the individuals - numbered 1-4 incidentally!) or BigSin for the entire set ...

The quality of Eduards resin is awesome and these things will really pop if you're going to display your model in parts!

But ... if you're closing everything up - kit parts are fine and the resin would be a wasted expense in my opinion.


That's all I have ... just think it through, assembly by assembly, before hitting the shops.



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Thank you mates! Y'all have given me much to think about. BTW I don't plan on doing any contests so I'll be good for über-fragile-detailing.


I took Thierry's list, with a few other gleaned items and attached links and respective MSRP (localized) as a benchmark for pricing. No doubt some deals are to be had, but at least a comparison to the original prices can be done. I didn't find any Oxygen Hoses from MDC (at least not specifically for 1:32 scale) so the info there is missing. Anyway, hopefully this helps anyone else wanting to find these parts.



+++++ The list has been moved to the opening entry of this thread, so ya need to back it up :) +++++

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And here is the missing link: MDC oxygen hoses 3.95£




There is another option for the souple resin ammo belts. The Russian company Live resin does the most detailed ones by far. They are 1/35th ones but the 9% difference is not noticeable as David Parker build showed it.

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