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Fw190 D-9 | 1/12th scale scratch build replica

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actually some pretty goog progress on my Dora... I added the panel on the rigt fuselage. Also cut the floor panel and the sides panels of the fuel tank chamber, some dry fitting shown here. The side panels will be partly hidden by the wing and the wing root, however.




Floor plating and the side panels. The gap where the MDF shows thru will accept the cockpit side wall, which will be a good glueing surface.



The right side panel, circular opening is for the external energy supply socket, oval opening for the oxygen filler port.


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Good evening,


finished the side panels of the fuel tank chamber. Floor plate not yet glued in.


That´s it for this weekend. Hope yours was fine, too!


Bye, Bernd.


Transfering the frame positions onto the side panel:



Side panels riveted and glued in place:




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I had to review this build again today and have to admit , now that I'm going down the road with LSP scratch,  that this only gets better. Rather than jealous, I'm inspired to work harder and more carefully. Thanks for taking the time to share in such detail.

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Good evening,

the planking moved to the belly. I added the first panel, it took me 4 attemps to get a good fit ....


I made a paper template and glued it to a piece of lithoplate. Dry fitted the panel and added all the details just to find out that during the process of shaping the dimensions of a panel change so it won´t fit any more.




After 3 panels #4 thankfully fitted nicely.



Bye for now,



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