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Eli Raphael

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I already have the Cutting edge sets (those with the ... lewd nose arts :) ), but that's interesting.


Is there any project to put a few ANG markings in the set, with wraparound euro camo? I know it's not "Vietnam war", but...

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Cutting Edge did a selection of wrap-around AFRES Thud Ds from Hill AFB, Utah, early 1980s, which included SEA-wrap, Euro-1 type camo and a desert-type wrap camo.

For some reason I have two sets and will be unlikely to use either. Zotz released a superb Virginia ANG sheet IIRC.


The SEA birds need a bit more love from Zotz. There existed a bunch of single-seat Thuds with quite fancy artwork and tail-codes.



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Yes they are ready but since Mexican mail is very slow right now, you can order them from them. Much faster.


I trust that Sprue Brothers and other US retailers will soon be stocking them. Right now, the only ones listing them seem to be UK dealers. I can wait till they appear in the US. In the meantime, I may have to take that F-105D down off the shelf. Thanks.

Bill M.

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