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Hurricane Mathew

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Due to the inbound event, we are suspending shipping until next week.   Almost all orders have shipped, and those customers who's orders are in process and not yet shipped will be contacted directly.   We are well off of the coast on high ground are staying put.   Hope to get caught up on some resin production and modeling over the long weekend.   


IF all goes according to the forecast we should be shipping Monday.


Thanks for all the support,


Gary & Tina



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Thanks guys. We really are good to go for the storm as a family, we were pepers before it was in fashion to do that sort of thing. I just hope Mathew goes to the east to minimize the damage to the east coast, as it looks like lots of folks north of us are in the track also.


Thx all ag to other affected, our prayers are with you.



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Thinking  of you and your family mate, it is big news even here in little old NZ!


Thanks for the support.   We have a very nice family 3 doors down form NZ.   Their first Hurricane.   All of our community is staying put.    Just finished a community meeting to organize as to who had generators, fuel, water, and  reassuring those who need help the neighbors are ready and prepared.  Lots of retired military in our community and they are a prepared bunch.  The the big concern with power is if ti goes out,  to keep everyone's refrigerator cold and power for phones and electronics on.   Power loss our biggest concern.

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Post Mathew update:



We came through the storm with just minor damage.    Many we hit very hard and the damage is sporadic.   What helps us is that we are located in an old forested area with many Oak, Maple, and Mature Cedar trees that break the wind and keep it off the ground and the houses.    Rain was just over 10" but no flooding of any serious nature at our place.    Many people though in the lower areas got hit hard with the wind and the flooding.


All orders held from last week were shipped today with the exception of those ordering F-15 intake sets.   I am making another mild for the main section and that will be done and parts made by the end of the week.    F-4B/N sets will be done in a week followed by restocking of F-15 Exhausts  and other F-15 items.   Thanks for all the kind words and support.  Many of our community in other places may be hurting, so we wish them a speedy recovery.

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