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PBY-5A Catalina (Cutaway)

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Guest Peterpools


Absolutely incredible!!

I just marvel at your abilities, engineering skills and talent!

Looking simply stellar

Keep ‘em comin


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Posted (edited)

This is truly remarkable Kent. I also recently read and loved your Old Ironsides WIP.


Thanks. About 'Old Ironsides' I remember telling myself not to do that again, hmmm, here we are again...


Landing gear parts:




The wheels:




And a scratch build access ladder...




To be continued ;-)



Edited by kkarlsen

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Wow, that ladder looks awesome...

And the wheels and other stuff as well...

Seems like even the new year is not going to stop you.

That's great.





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The paint/weathering process has started. Before continuing to the fuselage, i have decided to do some tests on the wing, it's easier

to correct any errors or cleaning the paint off if necessary.

It's always a challenge to paint large surfaces in only one color, giving the surface an interesting appearance.

So I have decided to put my favorite weathering technique to use, salt weathering.




The wing has been primed with Mr. Surfacer with some preshading. This has been covered with some layers of white primer...

Then the wing was given a spray of water + salt. I started with a light brownish color for the first layer. Secondly more salt + a darker

grey-ish was painted,mostly along the edges of the panels. The photo shows the result when starting to remove the salt.




Next step: A light sanding of the paintwork + future. After this, a dark wash is applied to bring out some of the features of the surface.




Bottom wing - Same procedure...




Exhaust stains applied to the wing...




De-icer edges applied...




The exhaust stubs are scratched to the type on early PBY's...




Wing inner construction in place.




Elevators and rudder dirty'ed up.






For now I'm happy with the dirty worn look, I'm reluctant to add more before the plane is assembled.




Feathered propeller of the port engine.




The finished upper wing. I have not added the details, panels etc.They might get broken off when the wings has to be installed later.


Thanks for looking in: Kent

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I am flabbergasted over how good you are.  Your personal touches know no bounds.  Great show, Kent.





Your too kind Mark, thanks: Kent

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WOW Kent - it's been a while since I've caught up with this thread... I think everyone's said what I will say - stunning !!!


I forgot - what scheme are you doing ??


Cannot wait to see IRL



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