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Shawns Non-LSP thread

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After the George I decided to take on some not so serious builds in smaller scales.

I needed to recharge the mojo and take a break from over researched and super detailed projects.


I finished up my Hasegawa SR-71 Egg Plane last night (pics to come) and have a 1/72 Hasegawa Nakajima Type 97 B5N2 Kate (looong name) in the preliminary steps.

Also pics to come.


This thread will be:


randomly updated

cover ALL of my non LSP builds that I've got in queue (figures, jeeps, cars, planes, Sci-Fi)


Soo, pull up a chair, grab a beer and hang out :)


Table of Contents


Page 1 to 4 Hasegawa Kate

Page 4 to 7 Hasegawa Vanship

Page 7 to 8 Tamiya SAS Jeep work

Page 8 to 10 Meng World War Toons Sherman

Page 11 to 22 Historic Racing Miniatures Cobra Daytona Coupe

Page 23 Meng Warship Builder #1 USS Lexington

Page 24 SAS Jeep Returns and completed on Page 25

Page 26 to 27 Bandai 1/72 X-Wing

Edited by Shawn M

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you guys are the best I swear


Although the Kate wont be a "super build" I have of course researched a bit to correct some glaring mistakes and overlooked details that show up even in 1/72 scale.

The kit is still more detailed then the George out of the box LOL

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then I "started" the Kate







before I could get to far on it my wife surprised my with a "kitchen cart" to build my spray booth on so I had to build that



which looks good in my recently re-done model studio/room. Also redone by my wife who moved furniture and the whole 9 yards


Bench 1






more display/storage space!


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