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Bf-109G-6/AS Haupt. BURKHARDT 1/32

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Guest Martinnfb

Absolutely phenomenal build, the converted cowling looks incredible. :m0152:  Did you print your own decals? Thanks for sharing.



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Lovely Gustav, love the scheme. 


If I may say, if I am a bit nit picky, the longitudinal splice, I believe it was a butt joint, joining both halves of the rear fuselage, should not be that marked, probably they used aerodynamic sealant (some kind of a paste to fill the gap) and after the layers of primer and camo paint, was a bit difficult to see dirt accumulated along.


I think this has been quite a discussion in other forums, probably in this one too, but up to date I have not seen a picture of a Bf109 with that line that marked.


See picture here below of some Gustavs with the paint removed, we can see the remains of sealant along fuselage panel joints.   


Please don't get my comments wrong, the model is magnificent in all aspects.





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