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1/32 Italeri Mirage IIICJ - 101st Tayeset of the Ha'Avir

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Finished this afternoon-Italeri 1/32 Mirage IIIC/CJ of the 101st Tayeset of Ha'Avir

I don't know much about this particular jet although it has 10 kills but I have been recently informed that it ended up with 12-13 before it was sold to Argentina.  It has now been re-acquired by the Israeli AF for a museum with the kill markings still under the Argie paintwork.  I read that there is some conjecture as to whether the black and yellow Id markings were or were not applied at some stage prior to being sold.  I have also read that it started life as serial 159 and ended up with serial 459 just before it was sold. 

Besides an IP courtesy of Eric (Thanks again) this was built OOB except instead of doing the early NMF scheme I decided to camo it and add the yellow and black triangles which if you weren't aware were painted on so it was easier to id as Israeli and not a Syrian Mirage flying out of Egypt, whose scheme was very similar.













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very nice job man !!!!! i like Israeli paint scheme , and you nailed it ..... if you allow , no landing lights one the front gear  ................but it's nothing  at all


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Nice colors, one i like.

But the missile are wrong for a Israeli Mirage, only sidewinder on 101 sqn "Shahak"

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Guest Peterpools


Terrifc build and one good looking Mirage

:thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:


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