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Yakovlev Yak-3, Special Hobby

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this is the Special Hobby Yak-3 that I try to build...

Nice reviews of the kit have tempted me to buy one and start building it, instead of buying and not building it in years (as with so many other kits).

Its my first soviet plane and I basically know nothing about the real thing. So I cannot comment on accuracy of shapes or whatsoever, only comments on how it builds up.


Box art:


WIP_Yak-3_001 by bastelnvormbalkon, auf Flickr


I started with the cockpit.  The gun charging handle and the radio are resin parts that were in the box:


WIP_Yak-3_002 by bastelnvormbalkon, auf Flickr


Instrument panel. The dial-decals were a bit out of register. Added some placards (no cyrillic placards in my possession, so I reversed some english ones ;)


WIP_Yak-3_003 by bastelnvormbalkon, auf Flickr


Sidewall and seat detail. The belts are PE and were in the box.


WIP_Yak-3_004 by bastelnvormbalkon, auf Flickr


Basic cockpit construction, painted: 


WIP_Yak-3_005 by bastelnvormbalkon, auf Flickr



WIP_Yak-3_006 by bastelnvormbalkon, auf Flickr


Cockpit floor. One piece floor/wings. 


WIP_Yak-3_007 by bastelnvormbalkon, auf Flickr


The cockpit parts (above) are put inside the fuselage from below. Then the fuselage is mated with the upper wing/cockpit floor part. Was a bit fiddly to join those parts and I did not manage to line everything up perfectly. This can be seen by the gap in front of the instrument panel coaming. 



WIP_Yak-3_008 by bastelnvormbalkon, auf Flickr


That's it for now.






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Wow. Looking forward to this one Nico. Thanks for showing us the way forward.

I seriously hope some aftermarket "bits" show up for this bird so I can finally finish my Yak-1B that's lingers at the 40% mark.


Great stuff Nico.





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Great progress so far, nice cockpit. :speak_cool:


After my Mustang i think i will start this kit, together with the first try-out of Mr.paint colors.





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