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DesTROYer's RAAF F-4E Phantom II

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Alright, lets get into this. I have a rule that I have no more than two builds on the go at once.  This keeps models from stagnating on the shelf of doom and allows me to keep track of where I am at more easily. With my current 1/48 Kitty Hawk F-35A build so near to completion (it will be finished today) I decided it was time to start on a project I have been looking forward to starting for a while. A F-4E Phantom II as they were seen when the Royal Australian Airforce briefly had them on loan from the US, whilst waiting for our order of F-111's to be ready.




I had been collecting aftermarket for this some time, but still have a few items I want to pick up. Nothing major, just some FOD covers and RBF tags. 

But at the moment I have the Eduard canopy masks and interior PE set, the Aires exhaust set and some resin bang seats. Opening the box up and taking a look at the contents, it at first looked a little daunting to a 1/48 builder like myself. But I am looking forward to the challenge. 




I started with the intakes.  As I am going for a parked build, with Canopy open, FOD covers on and tags in place, I am not to concerned with getting the seamless intakes, but still thought it was a good opportunity to practice filling injection marks and getting a smooth finish. 




And then I started on getting the cockpit under way.  I have the Eduard colour PE set for the IP, but I am also going to have a hand at following EricG's example and have a go at scratching up some IP too. I'll see how I go though. I fear my hopes and ideas may exceed my abilities.  But you only get better through practice. Right? 




Thanks for looking.  Here are my photos of the F-4 we have at the RAAF museum at Point Cook in Victoria. It's not an one of the ones we had, but it's painted up the same and is quite impressive to stand beside. https://www.flickr.com/photos/destroyer8564/albums/72157672014203432

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Thanks guys. The paints I ordered yesterday arrived this morning, I won a set of Isradecal F-4 Phantom Stencils for Camouflaged aircraft on ebay this morning, (the postage from the US is ridiculous though. US$14.50 is about AUS$22), and the FOD covers and tags arrived yesterday.  So in about an hour and a half's time, I should be home and ready to spray some paint. Thanks.

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For you builders that have built this kit, is the M-61A cannon essential to the build? I'm thinking that as you only see the barrel tip maybe from the gun port on the nose, the cannon might look real cool on a trolly beside the plane when on display in the cabinet.  Has anyone done this before?  Any one got some tips or advice?


I didn't get into the office last night, but I did for a while tonight just to do some more minor sub-assembly work before I paint up and assemble the cockpit over the next few days.

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Finally got some colour down on the intakes and cockpit tub tonight. So as of knock off tomorrow night, I'm all set to assemble the intakes and mask up the instruments and panels for some black paint and assembly.  Should start moving along quicker now.


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Busy day today, once I got out of bed and did a little house work of course. First up i assembled the intakes and got them mounted in the fuselage. I am glad I decided to go with FOD covers.  Those seams in the intakes would be a real hassle.  I'll have to fix that gap on the platter plate too.  Funny how you only notice things when you look at photos at the end of the day. 



I then got into prepping and painting up the cockpit.  The photos I have found show these pits as pretty stark.  Black panels, with black switches on grey surrounds. Even looking at the Eduard PE, i couldn't see much variation, so I picked the switches with brushed aluminium then dry brushed some more over the general areas.  Still more to go in this regard. 







Tomorrow I'll do some clean up, touch ups and a some more detailing before putting on a clear coat so I can apply a wash later in the week.

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Well that was a productive Sunday. Cockpit has been detailed, installed and I have started assembly of the other sub assemblies is under way.  I must admit that I have spent a lot of the day thinking about the best way to paint and assemble the rest of the plane. I have seen in some threads that others have split the rear stabilisers so they can be left off until after the painting is complete.  Looking at the side pieces I can see that they have off set tags that lock the stabilisers in place while allowing the top piece to swivel with the stabiliser.  How does this effect the attachment?  I realise that the stabs will no longer move, which is not an issue, but do they fit in place firmly?





I should have washed the engine parts yesterday so I could have gotten a lick of paint on them today. I've got some good references, So I think I can do them proud.



Test fitting the wings and nose.



More dry fitting of the tail and vertical stabiliser.  I have left the gun and radar out, As I think they will look good mounted on a frame beside the Phantom in the display cabinet.
Speaking about display cabinets, I have a few concerns if this is going to fit.  They are a decent size, but this thing is huge. 

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