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Dear, it's time for a linen change!

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Hey everyone,

I had those ready so i thought why not follow up with this rfi post...

Topic title is a bit confusing? lol

I always try to have catchy topic titles...

As you guys might have read in my death dealer post, i am back in the saddle.

A couple of months ago my curiosity got spiked by a model of an albatros DV on the forums, so i looked and the more i looked the more i got interested. I went through the net looking and reading about aircraft builds from the great war and the more i read the more i felt a sort of spark having completely overlooked those subjects. Wood? what wood, are you crazy? rigging? oh no, i already have enough trouble with my ham fists...well all of this is going to change very soon. I ordered my first wingnut wings kit, the albatros DVa shortly after that (still havent built any ww1 yet) and the thing just rolled on. I have gathered now two wnw albatros kits, one hisso, one AMC Dh2, one Felixstowe late and got myself the resin HPH kit of the macchi m5 along with the relevant aftermarket for the kits...

Now all of this brings us to this post. I wanted to have a dry run at all the new modeling techniques while at the same time working on a subject i am familiar with. I didnt want to royally screw up my first ww1 kit so i thought why not try out all the techniques on a wood and linen ww2 airplane where i could still have some camo work done and i could weather it out too ;)


The kit is Trumpeter's MIG3. 

The kit is very straightforward to build with no real headaches to be honest.

I used the eduard photoetch set for the kit which added alot to the interior and specially to the wheelbays which were almost bare (and still are)

For the woodwork, i used the two RB etched stencils which i found to be fabulous when you can work out the dilution and how to blend in the woodgraining. I also used UVDR Clear woodgrain decals for the tail section to give a bit of variety (and also have a go at trying decal woodgraining to know what to use for the ww1 kits). Both of them give a beautiful rendition of woodgraining albeit the UVDR would be nicer on big panels. I now have ordered the much finer woodgrain decals from Uschi...

Everybody that has build the Mig3 naked has left the whole body in metalizer as it should be so i thought for a change id give it the camo treatment and make it look like the airplane was in for a change of planking and of linen on the moveable surfaces hence the 'two tone' and the title. This would also give me a chance to have a go at weathering and chipping which melikes. The Linen areas are covered with Aviattic linen decals, i used the clear light french linen for those after painting the ribbing and weathering the areas to show through the decals.

Another first was the rigging of the antenna. I did the eyelets like i will on the ww1 airplanes and did the tubing from albion bras cut to length using my homemade cutting jig. I actually found rigging the antenna therapeutic so i am looking forward to the challenge of rigging a whole aircraft!

Weathering was done using Florymodels clay washes, AK enamels and some pigments. Oils used were abteilung and w&n for the fading and dirt.

The paints used are tamiya and gunze and for the chipping i used light chipping from AK...

Also while masking the wood to matt coat the camo areas some of the UVDR decals pulled out. Good excuse to cut a peice out and add Archer rivets to simulate nailed lines on a panel fix! lesson learned make sure the tack is super super low on the UVDR decals!


Very very enjoyable build i must say...

Also thank you to Massimo Tessitori for the wonderful website and references... the aircraft i modelled is after one on his website


Enjoy the photos and as always criticism is welcome!

Stay safe and happy modeling






















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Guest Peterpools


Welcome home , as you have been surely missed, Absolutely incredible work; woodwork and weathering is brilliantly done. There is no question, you can forget worrying about how to do the woodwork and rigging on a WNW kit.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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