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Mr scale32

Su-27 Flanker 1/32

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Hi again!

Im back to show you my latest build. It is the Trumpeter SU-27 Flanker B. 

First of all I am truly sorry not to have done a build thread here on LSP. I know i told you so. One of the reasons was that my memory card broke down and I lost about 100 pictures of documenting this build. That just killed my motivation. I did some modifications to the landing gears, They do work like on the real aircraft. All linkage are working.  


Any way, Here it is! I hope you all likes it.


Model Factoid:

Airez resin cockpit

Airez resin Exhausts

Aires resin wheelbays

Montex canopy masking

Montex insignias and markings.

Northstar Photoetch boarding ladder.

Intake F.O.D covers scratch made.


To Paint this aircraft I used Gunze acrylics and Alclad II.























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Guest Peterpools

One terrific Flanker ... cammo and weather are spot on.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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Hey! Thanks a bunch for the nice comments. Im glad you like it. Kev, feel free to add it on the website, It would be an honor. 


About the landing gears I didnt had time to take some shots beneath it.But i have some shots of the main landing gear in progress that i saved on my mobilephone.

I used weldrods thru the linkage. Note that the landing gear is fully extended when there is no weight on it.








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The Flanker is one of my favourite aeroplanes. I think it and the Mig 29 just are gorgeous.


Your model reflects this. Stunning.


Now excuse me whilst I go and shoot myself. ;)

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