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Eli Raphael

F-14A Miss Molly

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Would you like this one included?



SuperScale already made these markings in 1/32 scale (sheet #32073)...



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Lovely! The problem would be getting the crew's names out of the canopy.......... :hmmm:


Not the same exact VF-21 example but this page shows close up art with crew names:



That F-14D Bounty Hunter example on that same page is mighty nice - the one flown by "Torso" and "Donger" and all the mission markings - not sure if that one has ever been done in 1/32 or if you are only lookin for "colorful" tomcats. I do have a really good pic of that aircraft (the cockpit area with crew names and mission marks.) On that note, the CAG aircraft just above it is mighty cool too and more colorful to boot (I dont have any pics of that one though)


aaaand I am smacking myself as it appears Zotz has already done these lol  :doh:

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Photo: December 25, 1997 during an Operation Southern Watch mission over Iraq. VF-211 F-14A BuNo 161856





this one with coloured stars on the tails could be attractive as well



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