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Haven't done anything since the CT-133 build, been about a month. After that build i wanted to do do a relatively easy build, so i picked a Hasegawa Me109K-4. I've recently added  British and Russian WW2 aircraft to the display case alongside American and Japanese builds, but no German builds. Build will have belts added, either RB Productions belts or Finemolds belts. Still don't know what scheme i will use, might use kit decals or piece together on from what i have.





Everything up on the board.




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Yup!! The Hasegawa 109s are always relaxing builds, done 6-7 previously, but all got "AMARC"ed out of the display case. Started in on the pit, looks OK but a little simple. I added some bits to the sidewalls referencing aftermarket pits. I also had some PE pedals that i added. Will prime then paint today. The instrument panel i'm going to try adding the kit decal to the part without shaving off the detail. I shaved the detail off and added the decal on my Ki-61 Tony build, looked "off". On a small vacation this week so i'll make some progress.





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I did manage to get paint onto the pit. Used Tamiya XF-63 German Grey, did a small amount of chipping, Tamiya pin wash. I used the Finemolds belts because.... i didn't have to assemble them....I picked out small details in red, tan and brown then gave all a flat coat. The instrument panel i used the decal on the kit panel without shaving details off. Instrument lenses were picked out with a Bondic pen, worked really well. Didn't go too crazy in here, just enough to look complete for me but not drive me nuts.











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I'm finding cockpit detailing and painting to be much easier than it used to be due to seeing how others on the board do theirs. I have to say it's been a great learning experience on LSP, so much more than on other sites. I still have a ways to go but i'm learning so much. I've spent some time on the build through the week, and have managed to complete the wing subassembly and fuselage subassembly. I deviated from the instructions and assembled the wing complete instead of gluing on the center section first then assembling the wings. I found doing this gives me the chance of having no gaps on the bottom and ensuring the tops have a minimal gap.





Fuselage went together with no fuss, not much to show as it was all without fuss.



This is just dryfitted, but shows no gap on the top.



Will assemble the two together tonight, hopefully will prime tomorrow.



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