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Spitfire 16e high back Belgian Air force

Jan Goormans

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Aside from the Phantom project (still slowly going on) I am working another Spitfire.
A mk16e the Belgian Air Force used just after the war.
They got these in loan from the RAF because the ordered mk14's could not be delivered.
These planes where very dirty, most airfields did not have concrete parking places.
Camouflage is standard RAF with white lettering.


I used the Tamiya 9c as the basis, and ordered extra the sprue FF from the 16e kit to make a 16e high back.
You only need the FF sprue to change the wing , the rest is in the 9c box.
With several corrections during the build, my own fault, should have done some information gathering before I started and not while building  :-)


We are ready to start the paint job.




The plane I intend to make , have ordered some Maketar masks for it.



The Tamiya Spitfire ready for paint.


Spitfire parked on PSP with lots of grass coming trough.


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Painting started.

As usual Tamiya and Gunze acrylics , sometimes even mixed.

I always try to get some live into the paint scheme, so that is less of a job to do later during weathering.

Staring with a darker an lighter gys , then several browns for the dirt.
Finish it with the intended color , but only a very thin mist.




A small selection (not complete) of the colors I use for the underside.




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Guest Peterpools

Very nice work on the Spit. looking forward to seeing her in full paint and markings


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