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Hello all!

Thank you for your comments!


For some reason Photobucket isn't working tonight so no pictures!


I can tell you I have modified the cowl with five strips of styrene to increase its diameter.

I made one cut  and glued one strip at a time to keep the integrity of the part.

The rear edge of the cowl was sanded to achieve scale thickness and to make it fit at the enlarged front fuselage.


The new engine now fits right in the correct position.


I added some epoxy putty to the front fuselage to obtain the new length and width for the Martlet I. 

Not as much as I thought initially, and now it is sanding, priming and engraving time!





Hope to have the photos soon... :hmmm:  :redx:

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Tonight I have photos of the progress on the front cowl and forward fuselage at last!


With 3 out of 5 strips added:




With all 5 strips. It was a bit too tight around the front fuselage , so one strip was removed and replaced by a slightly wider one.




The epoxy putty on the front fuselage:






That's about it for tonight.


I have started sanding the epoxy and it is going well..





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Hi all!


Thanks and yes I will do my best with the sanding of the putty!


I cut out a ring that will hold the front cowl in place.


And it is held with a bit of tape to show the look of the Martlet I.






At the top you can spot the slit that is only opening around the cowl.


Now another messy looking putty job for you to examine!




Now here is the progress on the fuselage, after the initial sanding and with a bit of spot putty.




Some more sanding and then time to scribe the panel lines.





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I have a bit of time to add these 2 photos:


The sanded surface of the right fuselage and with a coat of primer.


The panel lines are done but still need a bit of work.

The rivets traces seen are from the kit and I will draw on the model the correct ones.IMG_0604%201.jpg




The photos aren't that good sorry!


Thank you again!




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