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Thanks guys!


I am now working on the left console, busy replacing the various molded-on levers.


While at Udisco, the big Montreal Hobby-Shop, I stopped to look at various paints and suddenly I noticed Humbrol #2 and #3: Brunswick green and Emerald green.

A test sample and it looks like  Brunswick green is very close to the dark camo color used and Emerald green is too light, but close. Actually the lid color is

very close but the paint itself too light.


I have to start looking into the roundels and various markings.

The former are going to be masked (also the code letter R) and the serial number will probably be dry transfers.


The serial number applied to the preserved Martlet I is in Eurostyle (for those familiar) but this is very unusual as I have never seen this for any other...


Bye for now,


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Hello !


I have made this new color test with the Humbrol colors, above the original acrylic ones.

On the left, Brunswick green and on the right, Emerald green. The Emerald sample on the far right is the

original color, and in the centre it has been slightly darkened to look more like the actual color on the aircraft.


What do you think of these?





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The finished right cockpit sides:




Work on the left console:


The original parts with just a bit added to correct the overall length:




I replaced molded on levers and cut the quadrants with a razor saw the create the slots where the throttle lever (and others) will fit.


These are first created with strips of aluminium sheet from cookie trays purchased at a grocery store. 

I glued little disks of 0.005" styrene made with a punch on the ends of the aluminium strips, then added on those tiny amounts of

5 minute epoxy glue to create the actual knobs. The disks insure the glue stays in the right place and dries in a half round shape that 

looks perfect when viewed from above.




Here is the finished part, with the clear epoxy painted to make it visible. The larger throttle handle is a part sculpted in styrene.






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Looking verrrrry good Alain.


On you colours, really tricky to tell from photos but the Humberol definitely look more saturated and chromatically cleaner which may add a nice bit of life to your model - from memory the one at the FFA had this ‘life' despite being very worn.


If you want it to be more factory fresh I'd aim for those clean colours but maybe try getting them a fraction lighter for scale effect - they could always be toned down by subtle washes afterwards.


Loving the cockpit detailing. As for creating little ball-shaped knobs I can thoroughly recommend the time-saving made by using those tiny beads found inside the filters for water jugs (e.g. Brita in UK). Break one open and you'll find a lifetime supply of tiny round micro-balls of varying size (along with something that looks like braille scale coal pieces)




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Thank you for the feedback on the colors!

I am certainly conscious of the scale effect, although is is a bit difficult to scale as I have no real full size color to start with.

I will have to see when I begin painting.

What is true is that in B&W photos the top colors look quite dark.

The aircraft will show some wear and heavy exhaust stains under the fuselage.


Here we also use Brita filters. I will surely cut open the one we are using when it is time to replace it.

Thanks for the tip!

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HI all!

I managed to finish the left side of the fuselage.

The map cases are the kit parts, wrapped in tin foil from bottles of wine. This material was collected 25 years ago,

because since the foil has been change to some kind of aluminium-like product that I don't like at all...




My attention is now turned to the instrument panel.


I realized the kit part is lacking in height so I made a corrected styrene piece.

Its funny that Trumpeter cast this piece in clear, as this serves no purpose at all...




I made a little test on a small piece of styrene of the correct thickness, to see how to make the holes for the instruments with the

bevelled edges.




This was satisfactory, so here is the panel, which is still missing little knobs and a few more details.

The largest hole in the panel was punched-out, but all the rest were drilled after being very carefully marked

on the part and first pre-drilled with a smaller size bit. Afterwards, the holes were reamed with the Dremell tool...gently by hand,

of course!




Here are the modifications made to the panel bulkhead. You can see the trimming for the right-hand side console.

Then I had to add some styrene bits to adjust the shape of the panel bulkhead relative to the new position of that side console.

This is what forced me to make a new panel. On the right I filled in some holes for 3 instruments. 

I sill need to sand this flush and drill new locations for these.




Last for tonight, I have started to modify the engine parts from the kit, Hasegawa  and copies from the ZM cylinders, top left.




Thank you.



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Hello all!


Now continuing in the wheel well area, I have completed the structures on the right side. This is quite visible

when looking in the large openings.




Next I removed a molded-on pipe and replaced it with aluminium wire.

The 2 darker wires added are the brake lines which will connect later to the wheels.

The chain drive for the gear retraction mechanism is not very realistic frankly, but I can't do

much about that...




Here is the fist step to modify the cowl: remove the amount equivalent to the louvres at the rear of the part.

The whole cowl will need to be slightly enlarged over-all to fit over the larger diameter engine. Of course the the intercooler scoops will have to be


I have only molded 4 cylinders so not to much progress on the engine itself.




The Martlet prop is completely different to the kit part but I have found an 1/48 Corsair prop (ARII) which looks nice but is a bit short.

Here it is in the process of being modified. I hope I can use the kit hub, with appropriate changes.







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Thank you!


I have been working on the prop and hub, basically rebuilding the kit part. 5 cylinders are cast and I will start

gluing in place on the Hasegawa centre part.


I got rid of the intercooler intakes with a Dremel inside the cowl, but cutting and enlarging this part will be



Hopefully photos tomorrow,




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