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P-38 Lightning, Revell 1/32

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Thanks Mike! :)


Yeah, it's a bit strange! It seems like they are putting them inside too, for some reason. Restoring detail is usually the biggest problem. :)


I've been struggling with the seemingly easy wing alignment, and finally seem to get it right. Pics and rest of story, hopefully later today.



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The lights with some color.




Cockpit/wheelbay could then be put in place.




The wing parts was glued together.




That's when all the problems started. It wouldn't fit as it should.




I had to break open the wings, and all the handling broke some other parts too.




Have to deal with that later.


After some tweaking, I got the wings in place.




Not perfect, but i have to sort that later.


Might as well glue the booms and stabilizor while at it. ;)






Now it's beginning to look like a plane! :)



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