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KH 1/35 Huey D/H Announced

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I would build at least 1 Jaguar and one Mirage 2K and I dont even normally build anything but modern US jets. The Mirage series if  done well, no gimmicks just great exterior lines, no open panels and good parts fit should sell like crazy seeing as how many nations flew or still fly them. As for the Jaguar, gotta have one! 


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I've always been a fan of the "ready for flight, just add crew" look. Panels closed, flaps and controls as they usually are while the aircraft is at rest, bombed up, wings can be folded if Navy or Marines, steps out if equipped, but otherwise ready to go.


That's why I absolutely love the T-28, OV-10, and Kingfisher. Closed panels, awesome fit and finish, and that "ready to launch" look.

The Sabre Dog can achieve that, as can the T-6. Not so much the Cobra, but I'm working on it.


My .02 here.. What I would LOVE to see most of all after the current crop is done, is a redesign of the P-39 fuselage to correct the dimensional errors and engineering oversights. I still believe that if the P-39 had the buildability of the T-28, it would be a runaway success, just like the Huey will be.


FINALLY, a decent long body Huey.

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Looking so much forward to these new 1/32 scale kits! I have to say, having built almost every 1/32 Kitty Hawk release, they get better with every release! The T-28 I'm working on is just a dream to build. Nice to have new LSP-kits, I've got the feeling there are less kits released. And some are announced years before they are actually available... So, well done KH!


Can't wait to get started on that Jaguar (and hope it will be there soon). I do, contrary to many, like open panels... great opportunity to add details to a kit. Hope that's okay!



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