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Any 1/32 scale resin tires for the Trumpeter Skyraider?


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I am getting close to getting my Skyraider build up on her own gear and I am at a loss for any resin after market resin main tires. The ZM resin tires are designed to fit the ZM hubs and gear, and the rubber tires that are included with the Trumpeter kit just don't cut it for me. I have tried to successfully mate the plastic tires from the ZM kit to the smaller Trumpeter hubs but it just doesn't look right.

Does anybody know if there are some resin tires specific for the Trumpeter kit in the after market pipeline?

Where could I go to have some created using 3D printing?

If I was to go that route I would need to hire somebody to create them in a CAD program prior to printing!



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The simplest and faster if you have some RTV and resin at home would be to put the Trumpeter Vinyl tires on their hubs, cast a mould and get some full resin copies.

Or use the ZM wheels as a master if they are more accurate or detailed (i just dont know).



That what i did for the Trumpeter Bf109 tail wheel. Aftermarket wheels are very nice and detailed but they usually only supply main landing gear wheels, and not the tail wheel. And the Trumpeter tail wheel also has this aweful vinyl tire. So i make a mould with a Revell tail wheel as a master, and each time i have to cast something, i use the excess of resin (i always mix too much !) i pour a tail wheel.

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