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Tamiya F4U-1 Corsair as a FAA Corsair I, 5F JT 150

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28 minutes ago, rigor said:

I believe I could be wrong that corsair sitting at the bottom of lake sebago was a ferry flight that crashed they say it's a war grave ??? I do know some Firm wanted to rise it but a lot of people made a big stink about it. Oh nice lake been there many times :D

No, it wasn’t on a ferry flight.   Sebago is the final resting place of two FAA Corsairs that had a midair during a training mission.  Both pilots were lost.   One was filmed extensively (it’s on YouTube) and is in amazing condition at the bottom of the lake (with its unfortunate pilot still strapped in).   Both were based out of nearby NAS Brunswick, ME, a major training base for FAA pilots during the war. 


The wreckage will never be raised, it’s a war grave.  

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Wolf, I spent a while wondering if the FAA aircraft had Sutton harnesses (I’m planning a Corsair II from the Op Tungsten period) but read somewhere (here probably) of an account by a pilot with the BPF who specifically mentioned not having one in a Corsair he flew and from which he had to escape in a hurry.


For now I’m opting for the US harness but happy to hear of any evidence either way for the non-BPF examples.


I’m also interested in dimensions for the fuselage vents - the one in the FAA musem was too far from the barrier to reach.  To be fair, that was probably the intention though!

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So a little more on the Corsair, I had originally sprayed the wheel wells in Salmon primer and was going to leave them that way but since back on the build decided to paint them white and then weather them a little.






So with the u/c bay paint work complete I've mated the wing section to the fuselage and also added the tail feathers. 




Now need to get my ass in gear and work on the engine.....  . Sad times as I hate engine build/ detail work!!


Regards  Andy 

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Its been about a year since last working on this one but I've decided to pick the Corsair back up again. After a major **** up by myself which caused me to shelve the project I thought it was time to sort the mess I made of the U/C struts. The problem I made for myself was following the kit instructions and fitting the kit supplied hubs not realising the Eduard Brassin wheels had there own different diameter hubs included! I tried to remove the kit hubs but ended up breaking the U/C leg :doh:




So a new sprue was ordered from the Hobby Company and arrived a couple of days later (Excellent service indeed).




Fist things first was to split the old assemblies and remove the steel inserts 




Followed by assembling everything as I should have done in the first place 




Very happy to get that sorted and now concentrate on the engine details.


Regards. Andy 

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A bit more done, wings on for starters.




Also started work on the  engine, oil pipes added and Barracudacast details added.






I've also ordered the Eduard Brassin engine cowl set for this one which is a nice improvement over the kit parts.




I've cleaned up the cowl and added the actuator wiring, its a bit lazy on my part but didn't fancy scratching the extra detail on to the Tamiya part and also its a nice compromise between the kit part and a fully detailed scratch/ conversion 




Going along quite nicely with progress again and hopefully I will get finished this time after shelving the build twice, all self inflicted may I say.


Regards. Andy 


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Airframe under a coat of primer and pre shaded.




looking at colour pictures of these birds the lower surfaces do seem to have a greeny hue to them on many images, these were painted  with US mixed paint as close to FAA spec as possible so I decided to go with a lightened mix of Tamiya Sky.




Hoping to get the rest of the colours on over the Bank Holiday weekend.



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Busy week so far but managed to complete the basic camouflage scheme which is a bit different as 5F had from what I understand an experimental scheme quite different from a typical RAF scheme. 










Pretty happy with how its turned out so far and will definitely be a slightly different looking Birdcage Corsair that's for sure!


Regards. Andy 

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