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Albatros D.Va - Seefrontstaffel 1

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Guest Martinnfb

Ok Nicolas, stop teasing us by posting pictures of the real aeroplane and show us finally your model :)

Fantastic work, absolutely stunning, the missing flare engine, ribbing tape weathering, everything is spot on, plus it doesn't look like rubber duck all shiny and clean and yet it is not overly dirty. Exceptionally  balanced work ! Bravo!

Thank you for sharing.



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Your comments are very appreciated and encouraging for the next ones(s).

I just started 3 new biplanes : Nieuport 27 (silver finish), DH.2 (all PC10 finish) and Gloster Gamecock.


I should start some WIP thread pretty soon (as soon as i start painting something. :) )

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I got to get this post in before I pass-out!! What masterful work - every minute detail is a gem, but what took my breath away is your mastery of a wood-grain painted prop!  Not until I looked into your WIP did I realize you didn't use some aftermarket wood prop - truly masterful.  Thanks for sharing and teaching!!

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