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Fisher Bell X-1A FINISHED.

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I received the brand new Fisher Bell X-1A/B today and made a start on it. I was able to procure this model with the promise that I would build it the very minute that it arrived. The X-1 is still on Pre-order with Paul and is available very soon. I have put my Super Hornet away to concentrate on this model at this stage. I am looking forward to putting the completed model next to my Revell bell X-1. I am still as of yet undecided as to whether I do the A or B, or whether I fit the fixed seat or the ejection seat.


The usual sturdy, well packaged box. Its Spartan exterior disguises the lovely contents, filled with Resin and photo etch. The model is so hot off the press that the decals and instructions are coming at a later date.




I was quite impressed by the size of the fuselage.




Paul recommends all parts are soaked in household bleach in order to get rid of mould release agent. I have found this process to be a bit time consuming, so after each part has been removed from its casting block and sanded, I load up Tamiya polycarbonate cleaner in my airbrush and spray each part with it. This stuff removes everything, as well as drying very quickly. 




Alignment and fit of the cockpit parts has been very nice, with each part keyed to the other.




I sprayed the cockpit floor with Aluminium, in preparation for chipping




The instrument panel. It has a very thin, clear membrane attached to its rear, which looks a like it is supposed to represent glass. It almost looks like flash, but to my eye looks like it was designed that way. Some of it is cloudy but I will be using Airscale instruments anyway, so the membrane will be removed.




I cleaned up the panel and removed the membrane, replacing it with some thin plastic card.




After a coat of primer and Tamiya Nato black.





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Some more work. 


After the parts were primed, I painted them with Gunze Interior green. Details have been paitned with acrylic and enamel. I used AK interactive chipping fluid to create some wear on the floor, pedals and seat.








I have chosen the non ejection seat equipped X-1A.




Parts fitment is excellent.




I was surprised bu how much of the cockpit will be able to be seen once the fuselage is buttoned up.



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That cockpit is beautiful !

I'm surprised that compared with the X-1 and the various boxes on the left side, the X-1A cockpit only has a very few stuff on the sides as everything must be behind the walls.

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I decided to go with RB Productions seatbelts. I have found them to be quite good and look realistic enough, with the added bonus of not having to paint them. I did put some stitching detail on the belts with a sharp lead pencil.


One of the reasons that I wanted to use the paper belts instead of the kit supplied photo etch was that whilst I was researching the build I came across a nice clear photo of Yeager sitting in the cockpit with the aircraft on the ground. The ground crew have found a convenient place to tuck the shoulder belts out of the way of the pilot and I wanted to replicate that. It appears as though there is a pipe that runs over the head rest support and I scratchbuilt that out of brass rod. The belts have been tucked into that pipe.






I have used some of the excellent Airscale instruments to fill the panel up.




The nicely detailed wheel well.



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Thanks guys.


The completed wheel bay and cockpit assemblies fitted into the fuselage show how simple the model really is




It is now ready for primer. I have test fitted the undercarriage to ensure the correct sit of the model. No nose weight required.





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