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Eli Raphael

Shipping now!

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How many options will it be on the sheet?


Hi guys,


Here's the list of topics chosen by Eli:


- 66-7550: F-4D block 30 + APS-107 + Combat Tree
- 66-7554: F-4D block 30
- 66-7601: F-4D block 30 + APS-107
- 63-7713: F-4C block 21
- 63-7708: F-4C block 21
- 66-7767: F-4D block 31 + APS-107
- 63-7680: F-4C block 21

- 66-6727: F-4D block 32 + LORAN
- 66-8723: F-4D block 32 + APS-107
- 66-8777: F-4D block 32 + LORAN & APS-107
- 66-7748: F-4D block 31 + APS-107
- 64-0704: F-4C block 22
- 66-8763: F-4D block 32


Most planes were Ubon or Udorn-based with three additional schemes for Cam Ranh planes. Nearly all of them have colorful markings and you will have C without/with slick nose option, D without or with Combat Tree, LORAN and/or APS-107, confirmed schemes carrying AIM-4, SUU-23 gun pod, laser-guided bombs, etc.

An effort was made to give a large scope (commander planes, MiG killers, standard planes) in spite of the difficulties to find information for some schemes.


Eli is fine-tuning the profiles and I just sent him information about the planes. I guess seeing the final sheet and profiles is now a matter of days. Some planes were not selected but this list already required two fully crammed sheets...





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