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Saab J-29 Tunnan in 1/32 of Tigger...


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a few months ago I started making a 1/32 vacuform model of the Saab J-29A Tunnan. It was a ID Models kit later made available by "Tigger".


Check out my modelling in progress report here:



I am searching now for a nice colour scheme.

A J-29A with serial 29303 as flown by F13 at Norrköping, Sweden appears to have a nice scheme.


It is the same scheme as in the Tarangus kit in 1/72 scale and I have their instructions.



But finding a real photo of this J29A of F13 with this scheme was impossible....


Does anyone have a real photo or a link on the internet to a photo as "sort of proof" that the scheme is correct?


Also, the later series of the J-29A had the dive brake re-positioned "in front of the main landing gear" door... but is there a photo that shows it?




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Depending how serious you are....that profile is no 29A, it's a 29E or 29F with sawtooth wing. No it isn't. It's a 29A, stupid me looking at an Android screen...

The guy who designed the decals would never have included an aircraft he doesn't know serial and complete markings. It's real.

Great job btw :)

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Great project, Meindert! Would be fantastic as a WiP thread here. I have this kit too, and have been wanting to build it since forever, as the Tunnan is one of my favourite aircraft. Just one correction, though: as far as I'm aware, this kit was never in the I.D. Models catalogue, and is a Tigger original.



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That seems rather BOLD of you to suggest, but I will apparently need to save my cash for the forthcoming resin Tunnan.




Or was that Czech instead of cash? Good stuff either way...

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 Well, that shoots that down.... Tarangus is the only likely option then.


Hobby Boss and Pilot Replicas both have 1/48 kits on the market at the moment, so they're potential candidates too. It could also be a new player who hasn't release at Tunnan yet, but that's less likely.



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