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HPH Fw-189 A-1

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with recently finished Boeing F3B its time to restart Uhu build

after several months I have realized that tamiya epoxy was wrong way for this model and glued joints remain fragile

another problem was dihedral which is quite significant in case of Uhu so i just needed to correct it

so I broke all major parts and glued them together again with HPH epoxy glue which became only game in town for me for gluing resin kits




between the hulls and the wings remain visible gaps, which require aditional material to fill and will require heavy sanding and rescribing panels

but that is not big deal, most important is that geometry is ok






on the other hand engine cowling are masterpieces and after carefull cleaning they just look great

and I like how HPH solved propeller axis  :speak_cool:  




thanks for looking


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You are a couyrageous modeller indeed, Jan- cheers on your marvelous efforts!


lessons learned: If you poured a soap water in the sink - always use strainer  :rolleyes: - waste disposer ate 3 parts in past week


I put small parts in a fine-mesh bag available at aquarium stores- never lose another part!


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Looks great Jan. How do you find sanding the epoxy? I'd worry that it would get harder than the plastic and impossible to get straight.



Thanks Jim. It is far easier to sand epoxy than e.g. CA glue for me. I usually use engraving drill tool to make rough work and after itits quite simple to smooth surface with sand paper.

To be honest, I hate all sanding work, it's my least favorite part of the building  :rolleyes:

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