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OK, I just couldn't stay away so here's my newest GB entry. I'm just waiting on one to arrive for the Interwar years GB and then I'll have one in both.




Although it's the final version of the infamous Lawn Dart, Brad OK'd it as being representative of the type.


For AM bits, I have the Aires cockpit set and wheel bays, Eduard wheels, GT Resin burner can and exhaust, and the Zotz decal sheet.



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One of the first things I did after reading some other build threads was to glue the front and rear fuselage halves together.




This produced a very nice and tidy joint.


Next, I added some styrene strip to the gun bay so that I could get the bay doors to sit flush.





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Once I had the Aires cockpit set in hand, I did a test fit and not surprisingly the tub was too wide to fit. I compared it to the kit tub to see how much wider it was:




Since the side panels still need to fitted it would be even wider than that. So I decided to ditch the tub and just use as much of the other components as possible.


I decided to use the side panels after they're cut down a bit,




The rear bulkhead:




The ejection seat:



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Thanks Kev!


This is actually my second entry in this one. I finished the Arado Ar234 last month. At Kraft that one is in the markings that Capt Brown fire it in.




Ah yes, of course! Not sure if I'm coming or going these days.



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Looking good. Just dont understand Aires- every single cockpit of theres seems to be too wide- much too wide. Do they even measure the gap? Its a shame, because they always look so good in the pack- lots of crisp detail- but seems that half the time they are un-useable...

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Thanks everyone!


I finally had a chance to work on it a bit more. I was procrastinating a bunch about whether to use the kit MLG bay or the Aires one. The Aires nose bay was a perfect fit, I didn't have to do any sanding to make it fit. The casting block on top was a quick removal with a razor saw and that was it.


The MLG bay looked like it would be the same but on closer inspection, it seemed a bit short. I decided to modify the installation a bit. Instead of just using the rear kit bulkhead, I decided to use both.




I first assembled the intake trunking to the rear bulkhead.




For the compressor face, I used one from a Tamiya F-4 kit so that I could have a complete separate engine assembly.




With both bulkheads in place, there was enough room between them for the Aires bay.



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Holy smokes! An update? Keep'em coming...

I know, crazy isn't it? :)


Here's some more then Shaka.


The Aires cockpit set comes with clear resin IP panels and an acetate sheet with the instrument faces printed on it. Instead of trying to pain around the dial faces, I drilled them out. I figure the acetate sheet will be glossy enough...




The instruments with a coat of white on the back to highlight it.




The main IP after painting with NATO black and a dry brush.




With the dials in place:



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Here's the cockpit mostly assembled and ready for installing in the fuselage.




With the Aires rear bulkhead in place




At this point, I found that the lid on my bottle of CA had completely glued itself to the bottle and want coming off. So I did a tracheotomy on the bottle by drilling a small hole in the side and plugging it with a toothpick. At Kraft I'll be able to use up more of it and not throw it all out.



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