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Kawasaki Ki-61-I Hien | ST 28 Hasegawa 1:32


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Hi All,


This will be my first topic in Works in Progress, so I really I count on your help and support :)


At the workshop goes the Kawasaki Ki-61-I Hien from the Hasegawa stables.
In the construction I will use the resin cockpit from Aires, resin exhausts from QB and some scratch-building.
Camouflage scheme choice still to be made, but I'm opting to use one of the options provided in the masks MM32071 set from Montex. 
Stay tuned, best

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Good start Hubert.


I've never had any great interest in Japanese aircraft - most of the radial engined ones, apart from the Zero, being plain ugly to my eye.

But as a representative of the other main Axis power something will be needed at some point, and the Ki-61 does look good.


It looks like a nice clean kit that Hasegawa do really well, and the Aires set looks a pretty good fit too, so I might easily be tempted as your build goes on.

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Hi All,


A little progress in the cockpit.

These "trenches" on the back of the seat are now gone - I used a Mr. Dissolved Putty from Gunze.
I'm still thinking if I should use the cushion from the box or leave bare the bare metal seat.
Now few small things to be corrected, harness to be added, wash, some chipping, dry brushing and will be able to close the fuselage halves. Of course, after the dark grey wash the interior will be darker.

Stay tuned, best
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Thanks Kev.


Now it is glued together and dries, I'll give it another whole day to be sure, that there will be no surprise.
Halves of the fuselage in front of the windshield needed little persuasion to make them fit properly. 
The fingerprints will be removed, modeler should not leave any traces. Just like a surgeon, that's why they work with gloves.
Stay tuned, best



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