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Alley Cat Dewoitine D.510

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Lets have an other try after the shelving of my PZL P.11c contribution. This time I had a closer look at the kit before committing to this build and I have to say it is a nice kit with lots of potential to add some extra detail.


The kit comes in a nice sturdy box.


Which contains lots of resin.


The only disappointing aspect is that there is no PE included in this kit - but lots of tiny resin parts instead.


What I like is the inclusion of masks to paint the markings.


I prefer to paint markings as they look so much better, specially in larger scales.


In regards to the colour scheme I like to paint this model in, I am still undecided.


This would be my preferred choice. But unfortunately I can't find a picture showing the D-510 with the green applied. And one rule I adhere to is that I only build a model if I have a picture of the original. Anyone knows of a picture of this aircraft?


If not, the choices are the aircraft in silver from the same unit with the tail number 4 or in this scheme.



I actually started  putting glue to resin :)


The casting isn't bad, but there are some air bubbles to take care of here and there.


The hard part is to locate reference material on the D.510. I managed to download a PDF of the out of print "Les Ailes de Gloire No.13" on the Dewoitine D.500 - D.510 and I assume that is all there is on this aircraft. I also assume a picture of the cockpit doesn't exist. Are there any magazines articles someone knows of?


I have to say I know nothing on French aircraft from the between the wars period, so any information I can get is much appreciated.


Cheers, Peter

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Build Smers 1/72 D.510 in my youth and went with the Grim Reaper markings. Oddly instructions of the kit called for a brown camouflage, so I have a brown one. Guess French Green or Khaki might be the more appropriate choice... I think I have the model still stored somewhere.


Nice looking kit. Guess the wing roots are a place to add some wire pins to keep them in place at the fuselage. Enjoy building!



- dutik

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Nice one. Will follow with interest.


We have a resident expert here in anything French from this era, Waroff. if someone can help, I would venture that could be him ...


Are you following this Sosthène ?


Cheers for now.



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Hi, Basilisk,

I saw an article from a french review, titled Le Dewoitine 510, le chasseur a la francaise, without remembering where... and when searching for the magazine name, I got  this pdf copy ! :



I still do not remember the magazine name, age wins... And I do have the magazine at home !!


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Great choice !

I'll follow with interest, too.


And i'm curious to know where to find (or how to scratch build) french seat belts of this era. I dont have a clue of what it looks like.

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Thank you all for the comments and a special thanks to vbd for the PDF link.


Unfortunately the build is in hibernation since my last post. I was hoping to build it as an "in-between" build, but I never found some in-between time to work on this kit. :crying:


I participated on too many Group Builds at Britmodeller and I found out that my multi tasking isn't the best. The result is lots of models half completed but nothing finished :shrug:


See for yourself.



Lots to be finished next year, so I better start not as many new kits :whistle:

Cheers, Peter

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Ah, everything is clear now :). This is because you dwelve in non-LSP scales that your build has been held up.


See, there is always a reward for "bad" actions :fight: ... :) ... If I were you, I'd focus on the Dewoitine and let the midget models aside :wicked:


Just sayin ´ ;)



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Guest Peterpools


Fully understand and hopefully, you will be start to reclaim some some of the residents from the hanger and bring them to completion.

Keep 'em comiong


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