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Special Hobby 1:32 Airacobra AH574 - First Tricycle Deck Landing

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This is an excellent build so far. I like the minor additions you are making all over this girl. I acquired this kit today with all of the available Eduard and CMK sets.....I am looking to get started as soon as I clear a couple from the bench....

Thanks for sharing....Loving it!

THOR    :ninja:

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Thanks Thor, really appreciated.. she's a loveable old bird and I'm really enjoying the research and modelling challenges.


Talking of which... as ever, slowly does it.


I'm all but there on the cockpit sides now having added further detail and paint. I wish the final finish was a bit neater/cleaner but there's only so much my poor eyes can cope with even with optivisors and I'm still getting the hang of washes and varnishes etc. That said the macro lens and harsh lighting take no prisoners!


Starboard side: I pre-painted and bent stretched sprue for the emergency door release handles - much easier than trying to paint this in-situ





Post panel wash - Nearly there bar a bit of weathering and silver pencil chipping. The flare release handle is more stretched sprue, the plumbing behind made from Albion Alloys tubing






Port Side wall: Further detailed and painted as the starboard. The final touch a bent sliver of acetate (pie packaging window) as the switch guard.




More flatly lit:




For those interested, the switches where again created with my trusty stretched sprue. After pondering how to replicate these super fine rod switches (and give myself some sort of glue area) I worked out the following simple technique. By holding a suitable diameter piece of light grey stretched sprue at the end of some flat sided fine tweezers I left a short length exposed which after careful application of heat mushroomed back like a rivet head. Because the tweezers where flat sided the head had a nice square profile and after a very light swipe of a very fine sanding stick I had a perfect miniature fine switch with a flat, circular head. This head was glued with thin CA to the appropriate mounting spot and once dry the switch rod can be cut back to the correct length - the flat head simulates the ring around the base plate. A final wash of black filter helps define the switch/base plate detail and visually reduce the scale thickness down to an even more pleasing effect. 




On the enlarged right hand side of the above image above, for comparison, I've included and earlier attempt, on the right of my final flat head version, where I didn't hold the sprue with the square sided tweezers when heated which produced a more tapered join with the mushroom rivet end (the head has not been sanded flat on top either)


Finally, my cat Pip inspected the work and pronounced himself satisfied (I think  :) )




Thanks for looking,



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Thanks Terry, much appreciated.


One of the joys of this forum is stumbling across builds that one misses along the way - much to my wife's chagrin as I can get lost for hours back tracking through a newly discovered build thread.


Cheers, again, 


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Thanks for the comments Guy - I wish I had more time to crack on a bit faster but such is life so slow and steady does it. Not helped by the fact that I've started this micro-detail scratching nonsense so I'm determined to try and do a proper job  :blink:


The canopy's the next major item on the list, plenty of chunky internal framework and bolts. I'm leaning towards adding the missing internal armoured windscreen, assuming they would have kept that for this particular aircraft... unless anyone knows differently? 



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  • 3 weeks later...

Bit more micro-switch progress... 




After a pin wash of black (and Future) the scale appearance improves. 




I know these are still well over scale but I wanted just a bit of extra visual texture and by the mark one eyeball these seem to do the busy-ness  :)


Cheers for looking,


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Thanks Andy, very much appreciated - I'm slowly getting it together - my first aeroplane model in many years.


Thanks Mark for the tip, I'll try that next time although I had a proper production line so needed a long lasting heat source.


Finally managed to get on to the canopy... The Airacobra has quite a prominent inner tubular-style frame with some equally prominent covered bolts attaching it the plexiglass so I wanted to try and reproduce this in some form. Before starting I took the decision to dip the clear part in Future as I knew I'd need to use CA and Tamiya Extra thin to attach the framework.




Secondly, I'm glad I invested in a set of pre-cut masks, what a god send!




After the frame was attached then came the covered bolts... lots of the little blighters made from stretched sprue tacked on with Medium CA and accelerator. 




Once set I carefully trimmed off the excess. My references also included a frame strengthener over the pilot's head - cut from my thinest plastic card, the lightening holes via my punch and die set.




A couple of sessions later and much replacement of ones that pinged off and some verrrry gentle sanding with a nearly smooth stick - Ta Dah!!!  :)




I'm not really intending to add any more structural detail in 3-D apart from maybe the upper door handles - any other bolts will probably be done with paint. I may try some archer rivets first to help out but that way surely madness lies? :frantic:  


Nearly all the fogging visible is a pre-prep sanding for the paint of the frame areas. That said, I really hope the Future has done it's protecting work and no glue fogging has bled under those masks!


Thanks for stopping by,


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