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F-15C Oregon ANG 75th Anniversary

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Now I'm torn between a spliter agressor or this bird. Thanks Jake :-p

Well, the splinter Aggressor decals are home waiting for me.  They just returned from Cartograf today.  I'll turn on the links overnight at http://www.reidairpublishing.com



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Fishbone has already stated what he can do for us. I'm tempted by his offer with a mask for wings.



I was thinking same thing... an A4 sheet as this:


plus masks/templates for the wings/stabs... maybe could this reduce costs?  :whistle:



Second that!!




Fishbone or Jake, please do make a 1/32 sheet for this bad guy :help:


Guys, the A4 sized decal with eagle heads, tailfin and "75th anniversary" will run now, 8 more pcs left.







If the demand is there for a high-quality, Cartograf-printed sheet(s), I will do it, but it sounds like many are happy with what Fishbone is offering.


Don't get me wrong--Fishbone is helping all of us out, and I don't mean to imply that his efforts are not quality and welcomed.  It's a great start if one wants to model this jet, since there are currently no better options.  I'm merely saying that if the demand is high enough, I will produce a true sheet on this jet.


Yea Jmel, thanks, if you really produce in mass please let me know too, would like to get 1-2 pcs as collection!



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Guys, I am producing 10 pcs for this A4 sized decal which included Eagle heads, Tailfins, "75th Anniversary" and the aircraft numbers & logos.


8 pcs available now as LSP_Ray already paid for the first 2 pcs, so please let me know if you guys want to book for it.


So far this is the list from Luca:


ScottsGT x1

Luca x1

LSP_Ray x2 (Paid)

iaf-man x1

David G x1

danny59 x1

Strez x1

The Dude x1

otis252 x1

cxk5075 x1


Main wings and tail wings stencil will be provided in soft copy (Hard copy will be print in line-art and send together with the decal if you guys need it).

It's $40 each, $5 for postage worldwide with Registered SAL.





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This will be its stencil.




The stencils work like this:


1- Spray Dark Gray of your choice, which is the first color of the wing, then apply the A piece.


2- After done the masking, spray lighter Gray which is second color.


3- Apply the B piece and start the painting of whole plane.





There's an USAF logo in the red circle, it will be provided as decal.



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Jake , are you still thinking of doing this sheet



I don't believe there is a market for two sheets on this subject. 

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How do I pay?


Hi Scott, you can pay via paypal, the decals will be ready not later than the end of July!




How do we order the decal set and stencils?





The decal set will be includes Eagle head, tail fin art, "75th anniversary", USAF logo and aircraft numbers;




And the stencils will be sticker papers with wings outline printed on it. I will private message you!




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