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I always wanted to build one, actually , not always, I believe since the First Bush War.  So I started studying the engineering of this plane and it is nuts, true Science fiction for it's time. The wing itself is absolute aeronautical marvel. No sharp edges, no flat places just a variable flow moving at every angle.


And Paul if you want to stand out with this build, do not forget to distress a hell out of it, please...........and thank you  :punk:



Hmmm....that is how my wing would look if I tried to make it smooth!


Looking forward to this one, Paul!!!

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I'm sorry I can't help but find this funny :)


Is that why Marines are so tough?



I mean, most of us would have used a wheeled cart but not the marines :)



I'll take a seat and follow this one, I always wanted to do a 1/32 Harrier.

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Gosh I hope this is the build where somebody fixes the "kinky part" on that terrible leading edge of the wing.


So do I Chuck,

So far I've dry fit the forward fuselage parts, the Aires sets require absolutely no modification. If you take your time test fitting the parts, you will find that only some of the pegs inside the fuselage designed to trap the plastic parts need modification. The two that trap the cockpit floor are removed and 4 of them that need to be about half their length so the nose wheel gear bay fits snug. I'll be getting to the wings after I get the fuselage and all its fun parts wrapped up. :)

Thanks for looking in, pics later today. 



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