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And so it begins!


 A lot of things have been written about the Harrier series of kits from Trumpeter, and to be honest, a lot of folks have either been scared away from the kit because of a few minor shape issues and the somewhat negative reviews that came out just after its release, and you dont see a ton of them built as a result.

The good news is that most of what needs to be "fixed" can be done so without a huge drama post condemning the kit and curse words flying across one's model bench onto the internet.


Yes, this will require modeling skill, not just aftermarket, but anybody who has worked with plastic, putty and glue a while should be able to do this. I hope to show that with a bit of work, This can be a really great model.


I have spent the better part of 3 weeks in my spare time collecting references, reading build logs all over the internet and watching video of the real aircraft from as many angles as I can. I dont know why, but doing this programs my mind to look for things that are not correct as far as the lines of the "model" aircraft when dry fitting, assembling and painting. It also helps to know that LSP'rs are around and lots of you like to help, so If I'm missing something I will ask for help, count on it!  :)


I will be using the following : 


Trumpeter kit  02286 Harrier II +


Aires cockpit set  2171


Aires wheel bays 2116


Eduard photo etch for the exterior 32262


Wolfpack models corrected Air scoops 32061


I will possibly still pick up a vinyl det cord for the canopy and still need some decals. 


So far I've opened all of the boxes, the kit is fine some of the Aires is broken already, not hard to fix but I wish they would work on their packaging some times. I am currently cleaning up the cockpit resin since that's where I will start.

Here is a pic of the whole lot, I just got the Harrier in a trade this morning!  Thanks again to Jan and Ernst  :)




More as soon as I have something to show,



Lets Fly! 

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Oodles of AM, I like that already!

K2 I was actually only going to just add the Wolfpack air scoops and an A/M ejection seat. Both Wolfpack and Aires make the seats as stand alone items or as a full cockpit set. Then I saw some parts of the Eduard exterior set I could use or modify as needed, and by good fortune, my Harrier kit came with resin wheel wells. I like Aires's cockpit set a little more than I liked the Wolfpack set as far as how the parts are laid out, and the fidelity of detail on the tiny parts on the Aires set was better to my eye.  I couldn't just add a seat for some reason.  :mental:

Hope to have some pics up soon of my progress, thanks for stopping in.


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Yes!! You can do it!! Eli's Blacksheep decals for the Plus are pretty sharp!

Thanks Smitty. Like I said above, lots of little fixes can take this kit from a decent model to a really nice model.

I will endeavor to present the latter when the paints all dry. :thumbsup:  As far as markings, I am hoping we all might be in for a nice surprise  :)

Hope to show you some progress shortly.


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ta daaa!



Thanks Martin! 

I need a few good shots of the underside of the rear canopy frame  :) It will be visible from certain angles on the ground with the canopy open. Both the kit parts and the resin set have the frame with the venting and no box like structure ( probably the vent ducting ) under it. Frustrating.

More soon,


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I love that airplane. she's as ugly as a mud fence, but like the A-10, she sure is beautiful when you need her to do some "fixing"  for you.


I'm looking forward to seeing this develop.

Ernst, I'm looking forward to building a model again finally and I'm glad it's this one. Let hope I can still say that in a week. :DodgeBall:    

I've got just enough aftermarket to really screw things up! :rofl:

 More soon,


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